Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Sailors ...

... are our greatest assets and it is our job as leaders to ensure every Sailor knows that we want them to succeed, and that we value their service, talent, skills, and dedication. We must make every effort to prepare our Sailors for success.

Caring about the well-being of our Sailors and their families will lead to professional success for our Sailors and ultimately the Navy. Invest in our future and lead on!




Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Some good words from the present MPCON. But are you sure that someone did not slip in a Marine drill sergeant as a second for MCPON West. The uniform, in my opinion, does not portray the Sailor of the past 200 years or so. I spent a bunch of years in the Navy and never felt the need to get a white sidewall haircut, that always seemed to turn most young Sailors off.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

What is he wearing? Some uniform authorized only for the MCPON? Ironically, it is a lot better than the Serbian Militia camouflage imposed upon the rest of the Navy by a previous MCPON.