Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CTACS Leslie Piotrowski - Rest your oars Shipmate

Senior Chief Leslie Piotrowski passed away on the 3rd of October.  She was a Chief at Naval Security Group Command while I was there as a Lieutenant Commander.  She was one hell of a CTA, a great Chief and a wonderful person be around.  I will miss her.

She served in the Navy from Apr 77 to Oct 97.  She attended CTA A School in Pensacola, FL Jul-Oct 77.  She was assigned to CINCPAC HQ HI Oct 77-Oct81; NAS JAX (ARFCOS) Nov 81-Jul 85; NSGA Keflavik, Iceland Oct 85-Oct 86; she returned to NTTC Corry Station, Pcola, FL  as an Instructor in the CTA A School from Nov 86-Apr 90; COMNAVSECGR May 90-Jul 93; NSGA Adak, AK Aug 93-Aug 94; DCS Pentagon - Oct 94-Mar 96; DCS Ft. Meade, MD Mar 96-Oct 97.

Her friends and shipmates can leave their remembrances for her family HERE.


Captain - Special Duty Cryptology said...

Everyone wants "their own" CTA. God has His now.

Steve said...

Memories of Senior Chief Piotrowsky’s professionalism and natural leadership come easily; news of her death comes tough. She worked in the HQ Security Department when I struggled to fill the shoes of an icon-civil servant whose departure at retirement came amid complicated community infighting about how to ‘streamline’ security clearance processing. CTACS Piotrowsky was the indispensible link between this Navy captain and a staff of dozens of career civilian adjudicators and security experts. I must use a feminine term – “gentle” – when I recall how she kept us all in balance and good humor as an officer took over the daunting tasks of keeping our process and operations on an even keel. Leslie was a fine, technically superior CTA-brancher. She led from the front and looked after her people. I am very saddened to hear of her passing but know she is keeping the angels in Heaven-Administration squared away. May God keep her in the palm of His hand. Steve Myers