Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Type Commander for Cryptology

CYBERFOR is the type commander for cryptology, signals intelligence, cyber, electronic warfare, information operations, intelligence, networks and space disciplines. CYBERFOR will report to Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces.

As the TYCOM, CYBERFOR will be responsible for organizing and prioritizing manpower, training, modernization and maintenance requirements, as well as coordinating capabilities of command and control architecture and networks; cryptologic and space-related systems; and intelligence and information operations activities. CYBERFOR will be headquartered at Joint Expeditionary Base, Little Creek-Fort Story.

RADM Tom Meek assumed command of Navy Cyber Forces on Friday, 14 May 2010.


General Quarters said...

Help me out please, Info Warriors. Joint Operating Environment (JOE) 2010 discusses Peak Oil, until recently a somewhat controversial theory that supposes that global oil supply has/will shortly peak and enter a steep, irreversible production decline, while demand continues to rise unabated. This results in net energy loss unless some as yet undiscovered cheap energy technology comes online to fill the deficit.

If Peak Oil theory is correct, could we also have reached "Peak Net" or "Peak Tech?" This question is not addressed in the JOE, but it seems to me that our unquestioned assumption is that net technology and use will continue to expand exponentially yadayada, (thus we standup 10th Fleet, NETCOM, et al).

And yet the continued global expansion of the internet is entirely dependent upon available cheap energy to keep it powered up, is it not? If energy becomes extremely dear due to surging demand and plummeting supply as described in JOE 2010, would this not lead to a corresponding global decline in 'net usage, thus Peak Net? Maybe these new commands are dead men walking, even as they stand up, and should commence planning for a greatly diminished internet? What say ye, Info Men?
Is NETCOM the last buggy whip manufacturer?

General Quarters said...

Correction to 0750 post: replace CYBERFOR for NETCOM. Old brain, early morning, lacking coffee, sorry.

Anonymous said...

General Quarters,

I do not claim to know the things that have been misreported by JOE 2010, in fact I have never read that document. To give them a break, though, what they had to say about global peak oil production is considered to be true, but the crude oil production and natural gas production is on the rise here in the United States. This is due to recent advances in drilling technology and methods of natural gas and crude extraction from the earth. Horizontal drilling of wells has increased production of crude and natural gas, and with the newer technology of fracturing the strata properly has allowed more product to be made available. These procedures are even being used to bring gas and crude bearing fields once considered depleted back into realistic production. The Bakken Shale Oil Fields, also called the Williston Basin Fields are estimated to hold reserves of from 200 billion barrels to 400 billion barrels, about as much as Saudi, Arabia.
The largest reserves of oil type substances in the world can be found in the Rocky Mountain States of Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. This material (kerogen) which is derived from shale oil has not developed into crude oil, but can be processed so it may be used for the same purposes. There are numerous problems in the extraction of the kerogen but these problems are being solved. The massive reserves of the shale oil which are estimated to be around 1.5 trillion barrels of extractable material make it the largest formation in the world.

We in the United States have a large supply of coal as well. All the grades of coal are in abundance here, lignite, bituminous and anthracite, all of which can be converted into clean burning fuel, the process creates a lot of CO2 but that element can be piped to existing oil wells to increase their productivity and the CO2 never goes into the atmosphere.

We are not at peak oil nor are we at peak tech. I do not know the reasons why we are dependent on foreign oil but our great country should get right in its thinking and make us energy independent because we need that independence and we also need to stop paying money to countries that just buy more AK 47’s, RPG’s and other weapons to kill our people with. If we the largest consumer nation in the world become oil independent the rest of the hostile world will have to just eat their oil.

It is not necessary to check the unemployment levels of such states as South Dakota, North Dakota, and the other nearby states, but if you do you would be pleasantly surprised to find they are at nearly full employment and I believe it is due to oil production and the associated growth in the areas due to that.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

The present oil spill from Deepwater Horizon is possibly going to change all the factors of present oil production. It is certainly evident that the oil companies were not prepared for such an event, and it is just as evident that the lack of the United States Government to be able to regulate safety and control over drilling was inadequate. Will the oil industry be the next to be nationalized? The present administration has control of the banks, lending, housing mortgage, student loans, most of the automobile industry, health care and energy in general. They want to nationalize all of industry and then they will have complete control of everything. Haven’t we had enough yet?

I am sure JOE 2010 did not address any of the above items.

Very Respectfully,