Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Number Eight

Commander Neil Funtanilla, commanding officer of the destroyer USS The Sullivans, was relieved by Rear Adm. Phil Davidson, commander of Combined Task Force 50, after Davidson ruled in an admiral’s mast he had lost confidence in Funtanilla’s ability to command. Funtanilla had been in command since August 2009.

USS The Sullivans was on its way into the port of Manama when it stuck a buoy in March 2010.

So far,

1. Captain John Titus - Navy Supply Corps School Athens, Georgia (JUDGMENT-Morality/Failed to adequately punish offenders)
2. Captain Holly Graf - USS Cowpens (PROFESSIONALISM-Abuse of crew)
3. Captain Glen Little - Charleston, South Carolina Naval Weapons Center (JUDGMENT- Morality)
4. Commander Scott Merritt - NSA North Potomac (JUDGMENT-Morality)
5. Commander Tim Weber, USS Truxtun (JUDGMENT-Morality/improper relationship with subordinate)
6. Captain Bill Reavey, NAS Pensacola (JUDGMENT-Morality)
7. Commander Jeff Cima, USS Chicago (JUDGMENT-Alcohol induced comments)
8. Commander Neil Funtanilla, USS The Sullivans (PROFESSIONALISM-Buoy scrape)
Number 9 ? Number 9?

Some are wondering if the Navy would like to take this one back. By all accounts Commander Funtanilla was an extraordinary Commanding Officer. Will someone reach out to save his career?


Diversity Bully said...

Hey, isn't he the first Asian Pacific Islander to be lose command of an Arleigh Burke destroyer??

Anonymous said...

OK, of the 8 relieved; how many are USNA grad, minorities, or both? Is anyone getting the message here???

Anonymous said...

Oh, please.

The mistreatment of sailors or destruction of a command is not a patent owned by any commissioning source or ethnic group.

Guess you never served under a marginally competent white guy from a ROTC program.

I get the message loud and clear. If I had to guess, is that it's you'd prefer to serve only with folks who resemble yourself.

Rich said...

Here's a completely unscientific comment ... he does not appear to have the "Air of command" (something akin to "X factor" with celebrities) so vital in leadership roles.

It's tragic that the statistical facts suggest that USNA graduate minorities are in this boat. (Pun intended) Look closer and you might find that the fault lies with affirmative action in providing persons with less than exemplary ability and opportunity to enter into professions they may not be suited for. They may do the job, but not as well as the other person that lost the slot in favor of "diversity".

I'm a minority but I believe in placing people in opportunities where they will succeed.

Anonymous said...

This CO was one of the best CO's to ever serve aboard the USS The Sullivans. Whether or not he was a minority has nothing to do with his leadership abilities. "Airs" he portrays or not is subjective to whether or not you knew him or his command. He inspired crew morale and not only talked the talk but walked the walk while leading his crew.