Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Senator Sestak ??

Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (DCNO) Vice Adm. Joseph Sestak was “administratively reassigned” July 25 by new Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Mullen, according to Rear Adm. T. McCreary, chief of naval information.

“Rear Adm. Mark Edwards, currently serving as director of the Surface Warfare Division, will serve as the acting DCNO until such time as a relief can be identified, nominated and confirmed,” McCreary said.

A source within the Navy Department said there were no allegations of misconduct on the part of Sestak. Rather, he said, the move is being made because of poor command climate.

Sestak was forced to retire as a Rear Admiral.

Rep. Joe Sestak says he is not going to turn over Navy personnel records that might rebut the stories he was let go from a top Pentagon job for creating a "poor command climate" among subordinates.

In fairness to Rep. Sestak, the Navy should release an official statement on the reasons behind VADM Sestak's 'administrative reassignment'.

As for the decision by Admiral Mullen, who is now chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Rep. Sestak said: “He wanted things a certain way. He wanted a different team, and he had the right to that, and I have the greatest respect for him.”



OPNAV Staffer said...

This guy and Holly Graf have a lot more in common than the Navy would care to admit.

Anonymous said...

I know quite a few Officers that served on his Strike Group Staff. One comment made by a shipmate was that on the way home from deployment, he wanted a command climate survey conducted - he was not happy with the results.

Anonymous said...

We all know he was fired. He knows he was fired. While it would be nice for him to admit he's an ass and has succeed because of the people he's burned out, it will never happen.

Arlen S. said...

Administrative reassignment = fired.

stephen said...

Unfortunately for PN they had a choice between two tools and and just replaced the old with the new.

Anyway, there was an article someplace that Sestak was being the tool he was when he got relieved-he can't even keep staff-they got tired of working all hours and the Representative was not. Given the number of votes he missed, was he even there??

Once a tool, a tool always a tool.

I think the only thing that matters to Joe Sestak is the glory that Joe Sestak.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Admiral Sestak who was at one time Captain of the USS George Washington, which in my mind must have been a monumental achievement, seems to be getting a thrashing from Shipmates that knew him, or maybe they are not Shipmates at all? This Admiral seems to have lowered himself to the status of the typical politician, and that problem in itself is a direct result of voter apathy and inattention or ignorance of the problems that exist. As it turns out this is just another one of my Gods that has fallen from his esteemed throne.

I remember a different USS George Washington that was the first Submarine to launch a Polaris missile for the deterrent force of the next unknown number of years. That was back in 1960 for those of you that do not remember. We were a proud force at that time and were united against our Cold War adversaries. We were able to defeat the enemy of the time without launching the first missile, but we did not do it overnight. It took over 30 years of constant deterrent patrols to make the difference. Do you think the Navy that we are looking at today, which may consist of Mama’s, fruits and nuts of various types, and who knows what else, can do the job required?

Very Respectfully,