Friday, May 21, 2010

Our Shipmate -- Mr. Frank McInturff III - USS LIBERTY SURVIVOR retires today

Our Shipmate Frank McInturff III is retiring today, 21 May 2010 after 44 years of selfless service to the United States Navy in a variety of roles as a Sailor and civil servant.

He won the Bronze Star for his service aboard USS LIBERTY when she was attacked by the Israelis on June 8, 1967. He was a seaman at the time and tended to many of the LIBERTY's wounded and dying.

Frank McInturff III concludes his service to the U.S. Navy at the Navy Information Operations Command Pensacola, Florida.

During my time as Director of Training at the Center for Naval Cryptology, Corry Station, Florida, Frank was responsible for introducing and implementing the courses which have become the core of current Cryptologic Technician Networks (CTN) "A" and "C" school training.

Sir, we wish you "fair winds and following seas" in your new adventures - post Navy.

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Pastor Daniel said...

One of my greatest memories of CTR "A" School was the day Mr. McInturff spoke to our class about that day on the LIBERTY. After several sessions intended to impress us with security concerns, he was the first to address the value and sobriety of the course we'd set. God bless you, sir!