Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The number of women selected to participate in the Navy's nuclear submarine training program.

Lisa Brodsky, a recent Hampton University (a historically and predominantly Black college & university) graduate and Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) midshipman, is one of the first 19 females in the nation selected to train for service aboard a U.S. Navy submarine.

Bravo Zulu !! Pictured below are some of the other female NROTC midshipmen chosen for the program.


Jen said...

Very proud of these young leaders.

Anonymous said...

What great month for my alma mater! First the President delivers the Commencement address, and now this announcement.

SubDude said...

The girls and their majors:
• Tabitha Gant, Bowie, Md. ~ English
• Abigail Gesecki, Luzerne, Colo. ~ systems engineering
• Elizabeth Hudson, Plymouth, Mass. ~ systems engineering
• Peggy LeGrand, Amarillo, Texas. ~ mechanical engineering
• Rachel Lessard, Newburyport, Mass. ~ Arabic & poli sci
• Kristin Lyles, Fairfax Station, Va. ~ chemistry
• Laura Martindale, Roselle, Ill. ~ English
• Marquette Ried, Fort Collins, Colo. ~ aerospace engineering
• Kayla Sax, Richland, Wash. ~ systems engineering
• Misty Webster, Wesley Chapel, Fla. ~ economics & poli sci
• Jessica Wilcox, Honesdale, Pa. ~ history

Anonymous said...

I would go to sea with ANY of them but would prefer to go to sea with ALL of them.

Anonymous said...

I think they will do fine as long as they embrace truth and tradition.
There is no privacy and to expect it will endanger the crew and ruin moral. Don't let political correctness define your career or ruin our Navy.
Earn your dolphins and your place, this isn't like a skimmer or an aircraft where you can act alone. Sub and sailor are one.