Thursday, January 22, 2009

A year ago, today - the final COMNAVSECGRU

“For any who are not yet aware, yesterday [22JAN08] ended an era with the retirement of RADM Andy Singer (in Hawaii) after 30 years of service. The last to carry the title of Commander, Naval Security Group, RADM Singer realigned our Information Warfare and Cryptologic force with Naval Network Warfare Command and the Information Operations Warfare Area. In so doing, he positioned us for the future with a warfighting focus. A graduate of Rutgers, RADM Singer served as a SWO for eight years before being designated a Cryptologist. Andy's had a long and distinguished career and we owe him a great deal.”

RADM Edward H. Deets III, Vice Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command

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jim parker said...

Sorry to see that all end. I never served with him but heard he was a good guy.