Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Hyperconnected Leaders Are Doing

Hyperconnected: Are those leaders (ADM Thad Allen (USCG), Admiral Jim Stavridis, (SOUTHCOM) and ADM Tim Keating (PACOM) among the many) who have fully embraced the brave new world, with more devices per capita than their contemporaries and more intense use of new communications applications. They liberally use technology devices and applications for both personal and official leadership use. These individuals are also 'early adopters'.

What they are doing:
  • Developing service-driven visions and strategies that balance the needs of the hyperconnected with the increased effectiveness of the maritime enterprise. It’s no longer just about how work is done, but how command processes are organized and accelerated. Tools and solutions (including unified communications) currently exist that can increase the speed of a decision, use the Sailor’s time more wisely, and create new kinds of communications-imbedded products.
  • Partnering with HR and NPC to develop a strategy for the ongoing war on talent. As Sailors transition from the Navy, it will find itself increasingly competing for talent. In a matter of years, up to 40% of the workforce could be “hyperconnected,” with many considering an enriched application and connectivity environment a condition for employment.
  • Driving the organization to modify its personnel, detailing and community management policies and practices to support increased connectivity.
  • Evolving their security regimes. Connectivity tools in the hands of Sailors may increase productivity, but they also increase the risk of releasing sensitive information to the outside world.
  • Acknowledging and managing the technicalenvironment. It may be tempting to resist providing formal Navy support for new devices and applications because of the additional stress on thenetwork and the number of devices involved, but the genie is already out of the bottle. Navy networks may at first be tested and strained by hyperconnected Sailors.
  • Working with their N6s as communication solution providers. Only with the help of trusted advisors will you be able to determine which solutions will be most appropriate for your particular situation at the moment. The N6 can bring you wisdom gleaned from other implementations and also help as a catalyst for organizational change in getting your IT department and operations on the same wavelength.
Taken from NORTEL's "Hyperconnected White Paper"

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