Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chief Petty Officers

Chief Petty Officers are responsible for, have the authority to accomplish, and are held accountable for:

Leading Sailors and applying their skills to tasks that enable mission accomplishment for the U.S. Navy;

Developing enlisted and junior officer Sailors;

Communicating the core values, standards and information of the Navy that empower Sailors to be successful in all they attempt;

Supporting with loyalty the endeavors of the chain of command they serve and their fellow Chief Petty Officers with whom they serve.

From an "Appreciative Inquiry" Session with Admiral Vern Clark and MCPON Jim Herdt in Dallas with the Navy's Fleet/Force/Command Master Chiefs and Chiefs of the Boat

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I do not believe that I ever saw it in writing where the Chief Petty Officer is responsible for developing Junior Officer Sailors, even though that is what many Chiefs tried to do, including myself. One must tread lightly when making suggestions or corrections to a superior Officer, and you had better be right when you do it.

Very Respectfully,