Monday, January 5, 2009

Preparing OPNAV N2 for QDR 2010

As part of the N2 input to OPNAV's QDR effort, VADM Jack Dorsett has outlined several broad, transformational themes that he believes are critical to Infomation Dominance and Decision Superiority in the 21st Century. OPNAV N2 adhered to the strategic imperatives of the Maritime Strategy, but also conformed to the National Strategy for Maritime Security and VADM McConnell's Vision 2015 for the Intelligence Enterprise. You'll see a subtle connection to the intelligence community, but N2 purposely aimed higher, deliberately focusing on information as an emerging center of warfighting gravity and concentrating on what we as a Navy need to do to achieve Decision Superiority.

The themes --
The Future Security Environment,
Organizing for the Information Age,
Dominating the Information Environment,
Developing Profound Knowledge of the Adversary,
The 21st Century Workforce, and
Transforming Capability Acquisition
-- are intended to stimulate dialog, thought and, hopefully, action in the QDR process.

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