Friday, January 23, 2009

Navy Firings in 2008

In 2008, the Navy fired a range of officers, including a three-star admiral; the heads of recruiting districts; the skipper and executive officer of the carrier George Washington after a shipboard fire; the one-star program executive officer for ships; and the skipper of a ballistic-missile submarine, among many others. (NAVY TIMES)

“We’ve had a long-standing history and tradition of maintaining high standards, and holding people accountable. That said, you can’t always get it right and mistakes happen, or sometimes it’s just not a mistake of promoting or positioning the right individual. Sometimes situations change, and when it proves not to work, I think it is incumbent upon the service to take the corrective action.”

"The Navy demands more of its commanding officers, because “when a ship goes over the horizon, that ship and its crew [are] totally and completely dependent on the captain of the ship, and you damn well better have the utmost confidence in that individual.”

SECNAV Donald Winter

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