Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Transformational Concepts and Capabilities - Information Operations

Information Operations (IO) provide, in coordination and synchronization with other effects-based joint activities, an asymmetric advantage to shape the battlespace from forward-deployed maritime forces by employing capabilities including electronic warfare, computer network defense and attack (CND/CNA), psychological operations (PSYOP), military deception, and operational security. Forward deployed naval forces provide joint force commanders with persistent platforms from which to execute joint information operations using embedded capabilities. The Navy and Marine Corps are developing transformational concepts and capabilities that will be employed to influence, affect, or defend information, information systems and decision-making in support of joint effects-based operations.

The Navy has taken several steps to invigorate work in this area. Efforts are underway to create a top-down Concept of Operations for IO laying out organizational responsibilities and guidance regarding the conduct of Information Operations. A Capstone Requirements Document for Navy IO is also under development. In addition, Information Operations has been designated a primary warfare area and a new career force is being created to develop and sustain IO professionals. New IO billets have been created at many levels, including the designation of a three star operational commander for IO at the newly established Naval Network Warfare Command, the posting of IO specialists in OPNAV, and the inclusion of an IO Warfare Commander within each battle group.

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