Saturday, December 27, 2008

Navy Information Operations - Our future success is dependent on ...

Our future success is dependent on more than just advanced communications hardware and software alone. From the days of the gladiators to the present, history is replete with examples of technology providing an advantage in combat. The key to victory has not been merely having new technology available, but how a warrior has been innovative and used that technology to his advantage in combat. Navy Information Warfare is no different – we need to approach every system, newly installed or already in place, with a long-term view of how to exploit the rapid development of information systems. Innovative and smart incorporation of new technologies, as well as existing legacy systems, will carry the day for the Navy’s preparedness for and success in future joint and combined operations.

Today’s capabilities began with some wise decisions to invest strongly in communications technology and some innovative thinking on the part of our ship and squadron crews and our operational staffs, the Systems commands, and all involved in the Navy C4I community. The result is a much more capable warfighting force, and our success in the war on terrorism can be attributed in part to the remarkable advancements we’ve put in place. I’m convinced we have the talent for innovation and access to technology to continue the pace we’ve set for ourselves over the past decade. If we do, today’s capabilities hardly scratch the surface compared to the tremendous potential for the future of Navy Information Warfare.

Admiral Robert Natter, former Commander, Fleet Forces Command

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