Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can you lead...

Can you lead your people without seeking to control?
Can you open and close the gates in harmony with nature?
Can you be understanding without trying to be wise?
Can you create without possessiveness?
Accomplish without taking credit?
Lead without ego?

This is the highest power.


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cat said...

Wow.. It has been a long time. :\

I've been increasingly busy with CAP stuff, both in my squadron and with the entire Washington Wing. I've managed to nearly turn the squadron upside-down in terms of resources, activities, and events, so I've got my hands pretty darn full. I love the work though, and there's nothing I'd rather do. :)

I know that my dad read the book you sent him, and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it, but shortly afterwards it seemed to disappear and I've not seen it since. More than likely he's gone and rented it to somebody, so hopefully we'll eventually get it back. :)

I don't think there'll be a blog update till later sometime, maybe Christmas break. No promises, but I might try and type something up. I'll try and stop by more frequently though, as the quotes you post do have a lot of useful information. :) Thanks!!


Oh as a note, I don't know if you happen to be "into" this sort of thing, but both me, my dad, and other friends-and-relations are all on FaceBook, and it's relatively easy to keep in touch that way. :P