Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Simple Gesture - Start The New Year Right

By any measure, 2008 has been a busy year - one filled with countless challenges. Everyone in the Navy certainly feels the added pressure of the steady demand signal for improvements in readiness and performance. As we conclude the year, nearly every Sailor, Chief and officer may feel somewhat overworked, tired, and even taken a little for granted. Some of our senior leaders may feel tense or irritable themselves.

What better time to lift everyone's spirits? The solution may be better than a Navy medal and it is simple and free. It's far more personal. And it works.

What is it? A personal note. Send personal notes of thanks to the people on your team telling them specifically what you value about each of them as Shipmates.

Tell them about something they've done that they might not know that you even notice. Don't have your staff prepare form letters. Take the time to send a hand-written note. An e-mail won't do in this case.

If you're a Flag Staff Action Officer, you could ask the Chief of Staff to send a letter to your team acknowledging their contributions.

Many of our best Flag Officers are well-known for their hand-written notes.

You can be sure the recipients will treasure the notes because they are completely unexpected.

End the year on a positive note (or many of them). Tell your team "THANK YOU" with a personal note. They'll feel better. And, so will you.

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I was COB on the USS Tecumseh (SSBN 628) for 6 deterrent patrols and it was the habit of Commander Larry Vogt, our Commanding Officer, to send a personal written greeting to each individual on their birthday during patrol. I think that effort was appreciated nearly as much as a family gram.

Very Respectfully,