Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Train and Educate

The Navy’s Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education Strategic Vision states the following:
“Professional education is key to the development of competencies, professional knowledge and critical thinking skills…Education is a strategic investment in the future of our Navy.”

I couldn’t agree more. The increasingly dynamic and complex nature of the evolving security environment demands that we take bold steps to develop the talented, innovative, and highly educated Naval Intelligence force our nation requires. Therefore my #1 priority is to Recruit, Train, and Educate a highly professional and diversified workforce. That is not just a bullet on a slide but a personal goal I am deeply committed to. Commensurate with its importance, I am dedicating significant personnel and financial resources to make it a reality for Naval Intelligence. We will invest in the education of our workforce and our Nation will reap the return on that investment many times over.

VADM Jack Dorsett in his 25 October 2008 DNI Update Memo on Education

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