Sunday, October 5, 2008


All hands should be aware of a renewed emphasis on accountability and individual responsibility (see ALNAV 150/87). At every NSG command, detachment and department, I expect a climate for accountability - an area where a positive attitude and atmosphere exist.

This means that we must have adequate resources to do our job; that everyone knows his/her responsibility; that all of our people are well trained; and that all hands know what to expect if they do a good job or what to expect if they don't or if they get into trouble. There must never be a perception that seniors adhere to one standard while juniors must adhere to another.

Everyone must know that COs/XOs/OICs/Dept Heads will be held as accountable as juniors. The proof of leadership will always be in how we take care of our people and how we accomplish our mission.

From the NSG Archives. RADM J.S. McFarland

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