Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Senior Naval Officers Refuse Awards

Washington D.C. 26 December 1919 - Secretary Josephus Daniels has reconvened the Naval Board to reconsider naval awards as the result of the refusal of Admiral Sims to accept a medal and the general criticism which has arisen over the awards and honors approved by the Secretary.

Following the recent refusal of Admiral Sims to accept the Distinguished Service Medal, it was learned that honors awarded them had also been refused by Vice Admiral Hilary P. Jones and Captain Raymond Hasbrouck.

The correspondent adds that further rejection of awards are expected and that Rear Admiral Henry T. Mayo, who was allotted the Distinguished Service Medal, will officially decline the honor.

Reports here tonight are that half a dozen others, singled out for honors, intended to refuse them.

Special to The New York Times.

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