Monday, October 27, 2008

Power of Alignment

Admiral Vern Clark, the chief of naval operations (CNO) for the U.S. Navy, said, "Better alignment enhances mission accomplishment and reduces costs through organizational and process efficiencies. ... When an organization is aligned, everyone from junior to senior shares an understanding of the goals and purposes of that organization, allowing them to contribute to their fullest. ... Aligning our organization is an ongoing effort that involves continual assessment of processes and systems."

A focus on alignment, however, doesn't denigrate actions related to strategy, Fleet and National customers, our Sailors, and processes. Just the opposite: A focus on alignment enables organizations to more fully capitalize on strategy. What must also be kept in mind is that alignment, like any kind of health, isn't a state of static perfection -- it's a constantly changing condition. What is perfect alignment in one warfare area/officer community may be a misalignment in another. Since the environment can change frequently and sometimes unpredictably, maintaining alignment is a constant process. Attaining alignment ... is a never-ending process of identifying and doggedly correcting misalignments that push the Navy (NETWARCOM) away from its core ideology or impede progress.

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