Monday, October 6, 2008

Information Warfare leadership

Information Warfare Officers are directly involved in every aspect of Naval operations, deploying globally to support Navy and joint war-fighting requirements. They provide vital information to tactical-, theater-, and national-level decision makers. (They) serve within sea, air and shore commands around the globe. And (they) lead cryptologic technicians in related activities — afloat and ashore.

The responsibility of the Information Warfare community is to deliver overwhelming information superiority that successfully supports command objectives. This is achieved through the application of Information Operations (IO) and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) expertise. The work involves attacking, defending and exploiting networks to capitalize on vulnerabilities in the information environment. And ultimately, providing war-fighters, planners and policy makers with real-time warning, offensive opportunities and an ongoing operational advantage.

For more on Information Warfare careers click this link.

(Photo is Dave Odom as a Lieutenant)

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