Tuesday, January 13, 2015

VADM J. E. Tighe to speak in London at the 2015 Cyber Defense and Network Security Conference

VADM Jan E. Tighe will speak for at the Cyber Defence and Network Security 2015 (CDANS) in London on 21 January.  The conference will provide attendees with high level strategic briefings from over 25 senior international military, government, critical national infrastructure and industry cyber experts. Offering unique accounts of national and corporate cyber defence strategies, including the most recent programmes and requirements, as well as insight into the latest technologies and innovations available from industry, CDANS 2015 is an invaluable opportunity to learn, network and engage in discussion on this crucial issue. 

As the cyber threat evolves and the incidence of attacks increases, maintaining preparedness and situational awareness is vitally important. Customised malware, DDoS attacks and the vulnerabilities of mobile and enterprise networks all present real challenges. However, the opportunity to come together and share ideas, solutions and initiatives and to facilitate deeper cooperation in cyber defence must be harnessed.
The complete list of international cyber expert speakers is HERE.  Cost of the conference is 700 pounds ($1000) for military and 2000 pounds ($3000)  for civilians. 

Speaker Information

Vice Admiral Jan Tighe
Vice Admiral Jan TigheCommander, US Fleet Cyber CommandUS Navy


Anonymous said...

I wonder if someone has looked at how much flag officer time is spent talking to industry at breakfasts, lunches and dinners versus talking to the community and letting the Sailors know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

We live in a very political and interconnected world. A significant amount of time spent talking to various constituencies is probably required to obtain the political support necessary to accomplish mission goals.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:22pm

You most certainly work for the govt and have tasted the kook aid.

Mario Vulcano said...

I can tell you VADM Tighe has spoken to every IWBC class since she has assumed FCC/C10F. In that hour, she shares her strategic vision and clearly communicates her expectations concerning leadership, operational application of IW skills, and to grow and remain technically proficient. The remaining 35 minutes or so is Q&A with the students. There have been times when she has gone beyond the allotted time to ensure every question has been answered. I find the Admiral engaging!
Mario Vulcano

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HMS Defiant said...

One misses the days when we conversed here. C'est domage.

HMS Defiant said...

Consider for a moment, where is cybercommand's version of the F-22? It has to be possible for a team of advanced cyber warriors to step into a room and write specs for a terminal machine that cannot be hacked by malware or one that is forced to punish every user with a requirement to affirmatively approve every outgoing data packet.

Yes yes, I know. Did that 55 years ago. I will keep my eyes open and no doubt see those specs and results in the fullness of time...thanks to Snowden et al

Anonymous said...

From: Thomas, Tonya R YNC FLTCYBERCOM/C10F, N00W
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Dear Sirs,

In response to the invitation to speak at the AFCEA Naval IT Day on
Wednesday, 11 June 2014, VADM Jan Tighe regrets that she is unable to attend
this event. Thank you for this kind invitation.

Very Respectfully,

YNC(IDW) Tonya R. Thomas

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