Monday, January 19, 2015

Deadline fast approaching - CNO Rapid Innovation Cell - From NAVY NEWS

The CNO invites junior officers and enlisted Sailors to apply for the CNO's Rapid Innovation Cell for 2015. Applications are being accepted until Jan. 31. 

Successful applicants will develop innovative technology or processes as part of the CNO's Rapid Innovation Cell, or CRIC, established in 2012 to take advantage of opportunities outside the Navy mainstream, empowering innovators with flag leadership advocacy and financial resources to develop prototypes that can be rapidly transitioned to the fleet. 

Volunteers from a cross-section of Navy communities are sought to participate as a collateral duty without a geographic relocation or release from present duty assignment. This is an "additional duty" assignment. 

Successful applicants will join a group of successful current CRIC members. For more information, join the CRIC on Facebook at, or via NMCI at Application forms: . 

NWDC POCs are Lt. Jackie Kvinsland (, 757-341-4687) and Cameron Cooper (, 757-341-4731).

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Anonymous said...

Mike, thanks for the info.I think this is a great concept, and I think a lot of young bright minds will be and are part of this group. I just don't like the wording, "Collateral", etc....
Most of us innovators, and technically savvy individuals are already pretty busy and don't have time for another extra duty on our plates. Or should I apply for it and do a half-A.. job?
(Maybe wording should read..this extra duty will entitle you to be released from your current duty 20% to work and collaborate on innovative ideas...)