Monday, January 26, 2015

A Sure & Certain Way to KILL Innovation ??

Create an innovation task force.  You can read about the SECNAV's plan HERE. A task force is a certain way to kill innovation.  Is SECNAV unhappy with the progress of the CNO's Rapid Innovation Cell?  Will the two groups be related?  Work together?  Surely they are already competing for scarce resources.  Are they duplicating efforts?


HMS Defiant said...

A reliably surer way to KILL innovation is to put an Admiral in Charge of it. That works every single time.

Anonymous said...

Why do we need TF Innovation if what SECNAV tweets is true? If we have this long tradition of innovation and developing new ideas - we don't need TFI.

SECNAV Ray Mabus @SECNAV · Jan 15
#SECNAV to @NavySNA: Have to embrace @USNavy, @USMC's long tradition of innovation and developing new ideas.