Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kirby’s Rules

From: 20 Questions With John Kirby

From The Pendulum: Doctrine Man HERE

Always be:
1. Good to your family 
Nobody succeeds at this business alone. We all need help. Take time to appreciate everything your family does to support you. They’ll never ask for your thanks, but they darn sure deserve it.
2. Skeptical 
Don’t be afraid to question policies or programs. You have to be the sanity check. If it doesn’t make sense to you, you are going to have a hard time communicating it. Worse, it may be a bad policy.
3. Courteous 
Treat everyone you encounter as if they were at your grandmother’s dinner table.
4. Professional 
Nothing about your job is personal, certainly not your relationships with media. You are always a spokesman … always. Be able to separate personal from professional issues.
5. Able to take two steps back 
It’s all about context. Find ways to put things into perspective. That’s what we do.
6. Right 
We can’t afford to pass bad information … ever.
7. Responsive 
Reply to emails promptly. Get the phone before it rings three times. Make sure people know how to get hold of you at all times. Don’t be afraid to give out your home number.
8. Engaged
 Let people see you; let them know you are informed and interested in what they are doing. Stay ahead of issues, get out in front. Think strategically.
9. Curious 
Ask lots of questions; be willing to learn no matter how long you have been at any command. Nobody cares how you did it before or how successful you once were. Listen.
10. Circumspect 
People have to know they can trust you with information, both at the command and in the media. Know when to speak up and when not to. Be trustworthy.
11. Yourself 
Don’t try to fit someone’s mold. Be true to who you are and let that reflect in your work. A phony PAO can be spotted — and distrusted — a mile away.
12. Able to laugh 
Sometimes your sense of humor will be all that gets you through. Take the work seriously, not yourself.
13. Physically Fit 
You represent the military. Look the part. Workout regularly. Wear your uniform smartly.


Anonymous said...

It has been shameful to see him fidget over the SGT Beau Bergdahl case. So sad to see a man of his character give up his integrity.

LCDR Bob Morrison said...

This is a set of guidelines that will work for any organization - military or civilian. Good post, Mike

Anonymous said...

I see the good admiral doesn't follow his own advice. He is starting to stray from the truth.