Thursday, January 22, 2015

Someone had to be first

Excerpts from the Navy Times:

Commanding Officer, Naval Station Guantanamo Bay was unceremoniously removed from command for unspecified "misconduct" Wednesday amid a Naval Criminal Investigative Service Investigation.
Captain John Nettleton was fired by Rear Admiral Mary Jackson, head of Navy Region Southeast, "due to loss of confidence in Nettleton's ability to command," the region said in a press release.
Nettleton is a prior-enlisted Marine infantryman who was commissioned as a helicopter pilot in 1989. He has deployed aboard the carriers Theodore Roosevelt and Saratoga, and is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm. He took command of the controversial naval station in June 2012. Nettleton did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment Wednesday.
Nettleton is the first Navy commanding officer to be fired in 2015.


Anonymous said...

"...being investigated in connection with an alleged affair with a woman on the base and the recent death of her husband, U.S. officials said Wednesday."

My kids' Mom said...

He should have been in the IW community instead, then he would have been allowed to stay on the job, regardless!

Kind regards,


No Kuleana said...

Those of us in Hawaii thought the NSA CO would be the first.

Navy Grade 36 Bureaucrat said...

That's a terrible first to be.

Anonymous said...

how odd it is to see,
anneli throw the first rock in the utter absence of any kind of detail or fact.
A true daughter of the Queen's navy.

Anonymous said...

upon the sea
a hostile shore
anywhere at all

the CNO has your back.

You can count on him as you would if his name was Putin.

keeping them honest and pure
for you.

Anonymous said...

Trouble in paradise?

Anonymous said...

I am told that the FCC staff is trying to nurse him along to his PRD so we don't have a Navy Times story.

My kids' Mom said...

To Anonymous January 23, at 4:18,

First of all, I have details and facts. Second: I am not throwing any rocks, I am just drawing conclusions from what seems to hold true in regards to importance of character among the leadership in the IW community. The message the admirals are sending loud and clear is that character does NOT matter, and thus the leadership can behave any way they like!

Spineless, and in total violation of the core values of the United States Navy. Shame!

What a pitiful crowd! All the way around!

To the people in the IW community who are honorable and honest: Why are you not absolutely furious? Are you going to let the actions of a few dirtbags reflect disgracefully upon you and the entire community?

Oh, I just remembered....if you say something it can effect your careers in a negative way, and since individual careers are more important than the core values of the United States Navy, at least in this community, all we hear is a deathening silence.

This also explain all the anonymous speakers in this forum. They are not brave enough to put a name to your opinion.

I am absolutely appalled!

Kind regards,


HMS Defiant said...


Anonymous said...

So what is the gist? incompetent, overbearing, or infidelity?

Spookysub said...

Anneli et al,
Not sure what the argument is here. None should stand for this regardless of rank. Everyone has a boss; there is a process and accountability at stake here. I don't know any of what is being discussed but I do know we are all obligated to step into the fire if integrity, mission, family is at stake. If not you - Who? I ask all.

Again, I'm out of the loop but I'd encourage you to use the tools at your disposal. Life is too short.



Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with IW community in Hawaii? CAPT Bean and CAPT Mills seem like good people. Am I missing something? - IWJO

Anonymous said...

IWJO..You make me worried. Seems like good people...Yes, Bill Cosby also seemed like a great guy. And I am sure both Hitler and Stalin charmed the pants of many. Ted Bundy was the nice guy next door... Captain Mills is probably very nice, but where is Mrs. Bean? Why is she not in Hawaii?

SailorBob1459 said...

As a retired SWO with 28 years under my belt, more deployments and time from home than I care to attempt to remember and lots of mentoring of cryppie and Intel types, I became acquainted with this website and I have been watching this blog for many years. I occasionally find it very interesting, enlightening and humorous. However in the past few years I have become just plain disgusted with the complete lack of leadership and brass one should expect from ANY Navy community. The IDWC apparently has no redeemable, admirable character of any type. You are simply not capable of making decisions, nor are you capable of leading yourself or others anywhere. I now see why your community is a Restricted Line. You shouldn’t be allowed to lead our national treasure if you can't stand for anything. You are rightfully restricted from having a real command, and if this trend continues I would argue that your whole community should be outsourced for the good of the Navy and tax payers. Civvies could do a damn sight better in protecting our national assets without all the whining and decades of Payton Place activity. You're more like a soap opera than real life. 14 year olds in their parent's basement could achieve the same results you have with exactly the same amount of whining. Only difference is I don't have to salute them.
For the past 2-3 years in particular I have watched you complain of one issue or another without actually doing ANYTHING. Folks, you are out of High School now. You volunteered for Uncle Sam's Navy; you agreed to abide by his rules - including doing the morally and ethically right thing of reporting corruption and indiscretion in your plain view or of which you know. Yet - you do NOTHING even when the Navy and DoD makes it easy for you. Families have been ruined; confidence of sailors and civilians lost while you stand by and let it happen. Flag decks know and ignore it. Well if you can't take the time to lead, then you shouldn't. You have but one job in the Navy - do it.
Damn it, Google Navy Times, Navy IG, DoD IG; Pick one. Pick up the phone. Send a letter, send in your gutsier sister - I don’t care, but stop complaining and start LEADING!!! Just pick one of those professionals, tell them you are afraid to identify yourself out of possible repercussions then tell your story. Newspapers love dirt and do a good job of exposing it and getting rid of the poor leadership. Your sailors and families are counting on you.
What I see should be easily substantiated. Apparently everyone knows about it. Sailors or spouses like “Anneli” "have facts". Stop crying about it and clean house. Folks, we are still at war. You "leaders" are tasked with leading Sailors. It is not right that you continue to allow corruptness and indiscretion to run rampant while those most affected lay their lives on the line. As a community, you've done little to support the war while those very few of you that have gone in harm's way were led by solid leaders from other communities. You've been more busy "creating a new community" or new mission, and admiring your new stars in the mirror. You've lost many a shipmate in the past 13 years but none under the restricted line leaderless charge. All have been with real leaders when they fell. So what good are you? Can’t lead there, can't lead yourself to do the right thing here.
My challenge to you who have facts is do something. My guess is that you'll slink back into the shadows, grumble under your breath, whimper and whine, and let your leadership sleep with and corrupt each other just like they have for the past 45 years. Go ahead and celebrate Midway again. That was the last set of balls you guys had. Rochefort made a call. I bet you can’t.
Edmund Burke has you penned in a nutshell - All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you in that many people are afraid to report bad things. But, you might be blind!. It's happening in ALL communities...and in d other services.
As you spent 28 years as a salty-sea sailor, oblivious to happenings ouside a ship. That's why you don't appreciate this community, and don't see the needs or the big picture..I think you are just stuck in your own ways, and refuse change.(like some of our leaders too)..Cyber ops is nontraditional and the IDC is well needed.
BTW, Vietnam is over!

Anonymous said...

SailorBoob, u cant really have typed that with a straight face. In fact, there couldnt possibly have been enough little blue pills in your medicine cabinet to straighten that face out. Are you serious? We should all pickup the phone and dial the IG hotline because a disgruntled spouse spews RUMORS on a blog, where 99.9 pct of us would have zero proof of any wrongdoing? Thats just dumb. How many times did you dial the hotline after your tin can pulled out of the PI or Hong Kong? Your right, SWOs never did that...including those in the triad. I know your memory might be a bit foggy, but I bet you wouldnt have fired up the Commodore64 or TRS-80 to fire off a note to the Admiral cuz a SWO was 'allegedly' cheating on their wife. Now please just enjoy this blog for what it is...therapy for its owner and a good venue to see the occasional train wreck firsthand. Now get back to your tapioca pudding and sudoku puzzles.

Anonymous said...

Therapy for the owner? It must not be working.

Anonymous said...

Again, why has this blog become an informal witch hunt for:

(1) An O-6 that's already left naval service and whose ex-wife berates the entire community and our leadership for not taking action on her allegation. Would be interested to hear the "proof" ADM Rogers was provided (hardly think he's a man that backs down from difficult decisions). I think all of us have received a phone call or two from a spouse "convinced" his/her spouse is cheating... only to follow-up and find the allegations to be false. As leaders, we have a responsibility to follow-up, but not every allegation is true and we have must keep in mind that there are two sides to every story (CAPT (RET) K's side is not represented on this blog).

(2) A sitting CO (who has had an incredible career so far) who didn't bring his spouse to HI, so he must be cheating? Huh? So everyone that's choosing to sacrifice for the Navy and be away from their family to give them continuity for school/work purposes must face scandalous allegations?

If we called the IG for every unfounded allegation it would create a negative incentive for unhappy Sailors/spouses to derail the careers of Sailors when they are having problems at home. For COs, it would destroy commands. There must be prood. If there is substantial proof that's being overlooked - then that is on us and I would agree with the criticism.

Whoever the Hawaii JOs are that continue to post anonymous allegations on their leadership - suggest you focus on expanding your knowledge of the community beyond the private lives of our leaders.

We are better than this.

Anonymous said...

Actually, and unfortunately, there doesn't have to be "proof". Not in terms of your Sailors' perception of leadership or the ISIC's confidence in your ability to command. One might go so far as to say that reasonable doubt is the burden of proof when it comes to character. If your character is less than "beyond reproach", you have been convicted. That is the reality of command, regardless of whether you get fired or survive the tour.