Wednesday, January 21, 2015


While we wait for publication of Fleet Cyber Command/TENTH Fleet's new Strategic Plan, we can be certain that this will be included:

The value the U.S. Fleet Cyber Command team brings to Navy and Joint commanders moving forward will be measured based on our ability to:
  • Operate the Navy network as a warfighting platform;
  • Conduct tailored signals intelligence (SIGINT);
  • Deliver warfighting effects;
  • Create shared cyber situational awareness; and
  • Establish and mature Navy’s Cyber Mission Forces.
You can read the latest from VADM Jan E. Tighe HERE.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No mission? Stop.Do not collect $200. Go away.

Seriously, you have to propose a mission? Wait. I know one. Knowingly violate the law and spy on Americans! Whooooot!

I know another one! Knowingly conspire with GCHQ in England and spy on Americans!

Hold on. Any minute now, Snowden will show how spies at NSA came up with ANOTHER mission to spy on Americans!

Rock on!