Wednesday, September 24, 2014


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Mike, you can delete my comments at any time and nobody will know. I fully realize that I run counter to your philosophy. I am true to mine and happy to remain so but to be honest, I can see where you would grow tired of it.

The Navy and the DoD don't have standards. To put it clearly, a "standard" is a "standard". We don't do that and we never have. We have much higher standards for some rates than we do for others. We have higher 'standards' to promote than others. We have different PT standards that mock the entire point of such standards.
We are neither honest nor consistent.

Such a thing causes disrespect and contempt for "flexible standards" that are not "standard."

If you seriously think "standard" is the rule than by God, you have one single standard. You don't have 10 or 20 different "standards". We have one standard inch, one standard micron, one standard of integrity. The problem is, the Navy and DoD dropped their integrity standard and doesn't have a clue where it is anymore.
They bemoan the loss of standards but who is too blame for that?