Saturday, September 20, 2014

Having versus making

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Anonymous said...

I used to make the time by mastering the tradecraft of gaming the system in order to exploit the flaws inherent in the system. I made sure to teach that method to my juniors so they could learn that approach to making time.

We started with what must be the most simplistic approach ever conceived of when it became dogma that the Navy approach was fine but it proceeded at our level as if every one of the following had precedence:

Type Commander
Operational Commander
Administrative Commander
and then factored in all the admirals who knew we worked strictly for them and insisted that our time was their time on their schedule.

Young leader, take it as an article of faith that I, as your commander, will only ever assign you ONE Number 1 priority at a time. The way the wars turned out for me it led to operational excellence and we got to hang all the rest out to dry for the duration.
We had a brief interregnum where one CO insisted that we take all of our 'stakeholders' demands on our time seriously and try to execute as many as six or seven Number 1 priorities.

Frankly, I wouldn't recommend that approach if you have been 'optimally' manned or PERS has left you at 63% of AMD.