Sunday, September 28, 2014


"This idea of standing up a type commander is really important for the Information Dominance Force, but it's also very important for the rest of the fleet to understand who you are and what you're doing," Greenert said to the NAVCYBERFOR audience, which will soon be part of the new NAVIDFOR TYCOM.

"We, the fleet, have to understand the tremendous value of information dominance," he said. "Those who control information will certainly define the pace of any future conflict and probably the outcome of the conflict itself."

NAVIDFOR TYCOM will stand up Oct. 1 and be fully operational Dec. 31. The new TYCOM mission will be to provide commanders ashore and afloat, forward deployable, combat-ready information dominance forces capable of conducting prompt and sustained naval, joint and combined operations in support of U.S. national interests.


Anonymous said...

At first I read that as


B. Marsh - retired said...

Anon @ 12:55 PM

I hear you

That is the new name for the Center for Information Dominance at Corry.

It is an unfortunate acronym for the Navy Information Dominance / Information Operations Training Force. (NAV IDIOT FOR).

HMS Defiant said...

I was in at the creation of two Type Commanders. I hated being there and watching the centralization of all ideas, acquisition strategies, plans, and institutionalization occur. It was like watching a rich vibrant forest of competing ideas be overtaken by an invasive killer species. It was pure application top-down mandated group think.
It was for the 'good of the community'. In five years, after the establishment of a single training command, a single doctrine, a single SOP, a single community perspective, a single detailer, a single guiding idea, I think you're going to hate it too.

Anonymous said...

Although waiting patiently for improvement, I've not been happy with the Naval Networks / Information Dominance concept / organization for many years. There were a couple times that I thought things were beginning to come around but then some people played "Ford" and thought they had a better idea.

Here we are at the eve of the stand-up and there are still significant details to be resolved between the losing and gaining commands. I'm not a fan of this reorganization but, thanks to the resistance of a few, it's more painful and unknown than it should have been.

Anonymous said...

Do we have a 'fall down' day?

Anonymous said...

I was there at the creation of FFC and watched CINCPAC go all out to preserve CINCPAC. I never thought for a moment that CINCPAC was wrong to do so.

He knew a pig in a poke when he saw one. We at NAVCENT did the same thing for many years. For those at the beginning of 5th Fleet, we had the option who we worked for. Obviously Central Command but who exactly in the navy was always up to us.

Anonymous said...

With the establishment of IDFORCOM and RADM Kohler in charge, what role will NAVCYBERFOR/RADM Webber have in the near future? Will they simply dissolve?

navynews said...

Submarines have a three-star type commander who oversees their force. So do ship crews, aviation squadrons, and expeditionary sailors likes Seabees and divers.

Now Navy hackers have their own, too.

The newest TYCOM stood up Tuesday with the creation of Navy Information Dominance Forces, which will align several different cyber and technology commands under one roof.

NAVIDFOR, as it will be known, will consolidate missions, functions and tasks from Navy Cyber Forces Command, Fleet Cyber Command, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command and the Office of Naval Intelligence, according to a Wednesday release from NCF.

“The standup of the NAVIDFOR TYCOM directly supports integration of ID capabilities throughout the Navy and is a natural progression in the development of an ID force capable of delivering assured command and control, battlespace awareness and integrated fires,” said Rear Adm. Diane Webber, the newly minted NAVIDFOR commander, in the release.

The shift gives information dominance the same kind of command structure that other weapons systems fall under, the way surface ships’ manning and training is overseen by Naval Surface Forces. Ditto for aircraft training and manpower falling under Naval Air Forces.

“NAVIDFOR’s establishment is the next step in the evolution of ID as a Navy warfighting discipline,” Webber said.

Webber, who has been commanding officer of NCF since Sept. 2013, will serve just a few days with NAVIDFOR. Rear Adm. Matthew Kohler, director of intelligence operations at ONI, will relieve her on Friday.

He’ll oversee NAVIDFOR’s initial organization as the Navy works toward its goal for full operation by Dec. 31.

Anonymous said...

Did Frank get promoted to Vice Admiral? I missed that.