Friday, September 19, 2014

Introverts make better leaders because...they write more

7. They write more. 

It's an old-fashioned skill that's easy to let atrophy in our tech-mad world, but strong writing skills usually lead to clear thinking and communication, according to Jennifer Kahnweiler, so introverts' skill behind the keyboard offers them an advantage.

"Introverted leaders usually prefer writing to talking. This comfort with the written word often helps them better articulate their positions and document their actions. It also helps them leverage online social networking tools such as Twitter, creating new opportunities to be out there with employees, customers and other stakeholders," she writes.

You can read all about it HERE.


Anonymous said...

We didn't have introverts. We were trained on the brief and concise method of communication. I cannot quite communicate my disgust with the BLUFF that crept in a decade ago.

Oh, on the other hand, I could. I could write endlessly about introverts who cannot write brief, precise, concise, factual details for the commander to consider.

Anonymous said...

Oh seriously Mike?

I may well vanish but not like that. Honestly, "type what you see" and I type in response, "I see eyebrows" and that's it, accepted saved and will be visible for post. Ah, we live in a better world.

James L. Hammersla said...

I would add that anyone of good character can be a good leader. I have known introverts, extroverts, technically savvy individuals and tactical warriors who all were great leaders, what I observed to be the root of their ability to lead was good character: the sum of solid ethics, integrity, a desire to serve selflessly and the ability to form a team that compliments its own internal strengths and weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

Character above all else.