Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Commander Christopher Slattery assumes command of Center for Information Dominance Unit Monterey, California

At a traditional Navy change of command ceremony officiated by Captain Susan K. Cerovsky, CO, Center for Information Dominance Corry Station, Pensacola Florida, Commander Sean Cooney was relieved by Commander Christopher Slattery.



Anonymous said...

Anyone have the rationale for upgrading Monterey from a traditionally LDO LCDR OIC billet to this new senior O5 command?

Did we find that the O4s were failing in this job?

Or is it simply to give more O5s command opportunity?

Happy that the previous CO made Captain out of this but how can that compare with serious operational mission commands at the O5 level?

Anonymous said...

LCDR James W. Blow commanded the NSGD from December 1993 until his forced retirement on 2 November 1994. CDR Gus Lott served as officer in charge (OIC) from November 1994 until 1996.

So, at least one O5 was OIC while it was a det.

Jim said...

Anon @4:34 - I think there were two main drivers behind the elevation. First, it put CIDUM on par with CID Unit Corry Station and its move from a DET to a command...a DET which already had an O-5 OIC dual-hatted as CID XO.

Second, it put the CIDUM commander on par with his/her other service counterparts at the Presidio. Also, considering the CIDUM student population includes many senior officers, having an O-5 CO vice an O-4 OIC has probably served well from a leadership perspective.

More command opportunity in the IDC was very likely a discussion / decision point as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Jim "commanded" the NSGD. He was the OIC. He spent less than a year there before he was "offered" the opportunity to retire or be fired by Captain Joseph Burns, who made a trip to Monterey to investigate some serious issues with Jim's leadership.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the reasons of elevating the billet from OIC to CO, a definite benefit is that it provides the unit with organic/local NJP authority in support of swift good order and discipline measures for our new CTI students.

Jim said...

Anon @2:48 [insert sarcasm] You're not a fan on NJP by VTC?

Anonymous said...

Over my head guys. CO have NJP authority but only over people ashore who waive their rights. Do you really have sailors so ill-advised that they would accept NJP over VTC? Really? How does the mitigating and knowing your sailor when weighing the charges work there?

James L. Hammersla said...

I have been to NJP twice, was reduced twice – albeit none via VTC. That said, taking the NJP if you are wrong is better than getting convicted at court-martial. Sometimes it is good advice to take responsibility and be held accountable; it worked in my case … granted that was 22 years ago.

Sean Cooney said...

All contributors to this specific post Greetings. All interesting comments worthy of at least a "go" of a response.

Sean Cooney here. I'll write the book someday and then likely give it out :), but there are many points to consider when trying to answer the questions posed here.

1. Fact: This tour was a command tour and the Admiral said Monterey it is, so to Monterey I went - Opportunity taken...definitely some risk, but the Navy talks a lot a bout diversity in assignments and role and Monterey was actually the more diverse of the other options presented. Oh and Family liked Monterey - Giddy UP! Score!

2. "Serious operational mission commands" vs. training the next generation of new CTIs 500-700 of them and 50 officers from various communities ...now that IS serious business (too)....I guess one could argue, but each has their own merits...My previous command.... a major operational command..nothing personal, just a fact. (XO did you write this) :)

3. For leadership studies, the O4s were not failing, in fact they kept the unit hi flying for decades. CAPT Gary Edwards was tasked to make this a command sometime in 2011. CAPT (RET) Boogren may also have some great insight on this too as he was detailing the first round of CO's to the newly carved CID Domain Commands.

4.NJPs via VTC.... glad I did not have to do that, but I believe that CID was doing that with Monterey prior to CIDU MOnterey standing up!

Leadership challenges btwn CID and CIDU M...Distance was a double edged sword.....lots of material there...my future book might be good, but as you can tell, I cannot write that well!!! :)

5. O5s are the Service CDRs on the Presidio, Yes that was a factor. One Army Battalion CDR, One Marine LtCol, Two AF LTCs and me.

6. JH glad you are on our team! ;)

7. CIDU Monterey is in great hands with their current Skipper!

Please email me if you have any more questions.... mseancooney@gmail.com