Sunday, September 21, 2014

For some anonymous posters - you know who you are. If I were a better cryptologist, I would know who you are also.

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My kids' Mom said...

Yes! That sums it up..

You are so much more generous to these rude people than I am..Sometimes when I read the comments on your blog I am ready to pass out, or at least I sit there with my mouth wide open in astonishment for quite some time over the explicit rudeness and the total lack of manners of these anonymous commentators.

I have comment moderation on my blog and do not not give rude anonymous people a forum or space to "speak" there. And believe me, I get me fair share of those, even from anonymous grown-up people in the military that for some reason feel obliged to criticize the fact that I share our daily doings on a blog with friends and family around the world.

You'd be surprised...or come to think of it, probably not.

Thank you for a great blog and for many inspirational quotes.

Have a lovely Sunday.

Kind regards,

Anneli Kershaw