Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Apr. 15, 2014 - 03:45AM   |  
The intelligence community is pushing toward a new, more comprehensive way of collecting, processing and using the data that underpins all of its operations: an experience built around immersion that fluidly helps connect the dots between entities that once functioned in silos. 
At the center of the movement is the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, whose director, Letitia Long, says is at the center of transforming the way the government handles intelligence.
“By immersion I mean living, interacting and experimenting with the data in a multimedia, multisensory experience with GEOINT at its core,” Long said April 15 at the GEOINT conference in Tampa, Fla. “Immersion will break down the barriers between collectors, analysts, customers and decision-makers.”
At the center of the movement to the next generation of intelligence, Long said that getting to immersion means that NGA must complete a transformation from static provider of products to a resource for dynamic GEOINT content, analysis and services.
Long said that transition hinges on six pillars on which NGA will build its new-look intelligence operations: its multi-source content backbone Map of the World; analytic capabilities; next-generation collection; the globe; open-information technology; and research and technology.
“Ultimately the pillars bring to bear the power of GEOINT, to discover the unknown and deliver faster, more predictive insights to decision-makers,” she said.


Gary Olivi said...

I do not believe this will change anything in the near term if I am thinking correctly that Ms. Long is referring to IC ITE as the way the IC is moving. My comments are not directed at NGA directly, but in reference to the overall IC. What Ms. Long states is accurate in context of what leadership at the big Agencies are speaking about and the right vision, but when you pull the curtain back and see what and how it is being developed it is not close to what is needed.
From my seat what I see being built and developed is a set of new stovepipes. This is because you have the nature of the big Agencies rearing their ugly head with only wanting to share limited data with one another, a HUGE disconnect between National ( NGA, NSA, DIA, CIA and NRO) and Tactical (Military Services) with developing the right architecture as a TEAM to allow data to interoperate seamlessly between all groups and most importantly it seems both sides, National and Tactical, are starting on the technology end vice starting with the USER and developing what the USER needs.
All too often I see technology at these agencies being developed and then pushed on the user who may not require that technology for their job. This puts us in an endless cycle of wasting resources and still not providing the user what they ultimately need.

Anonymous said...


You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means.