Monday, April 7, 2014

Thank you United States Navy for 30 awesome years, for countless great experiences and for some lifelong friendships

I can be properly called a correspondence fanatic with lunatic leanings.  I am a huge believer in "Thank you" notes and was happy to read this in The New York Times:
"While researchers leave open the matter of which format is best for rendering thanks for small favors, courtesies, presents or a tuna casserole supper, there is a growing sense that the old, reliable handwritten note is making a comeback — and not just as a prop on “Tonight.”"
Jimmy Fallon is bringing back the "Thank you" note in a bit of a whimsical way.  You can read the full piece HERE.

I am mostly pleased with the career I had in the Navy but I can see the "thank you's" to the Navy leaning more this way:

Thank you Navy for:

  • Keeping me from my family for half my career.
  • Teaching me how to smoke.
  • Introducing me to alternate lifestyles.
  • Killing my knees, elbows and back.
  • Introducing me to my lifelong friend - alcohol.
  • Allowing me to enjoy my three weddings.
  • Ensuring my kids remain strangers.
I'm sure you have your own funny twist on this.  Feel free to say "thank you" to the Navy in comments (seriously or tongue in cheek).


Lukas Dwelly said...

I hope you received my latest note. I enjoyed the back and forth a great deal.

Mike Lambert said...


Thank you. I received your note and have answered it. Goes in the mail tomorrow. All the best!