Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's not rocket science...or is it?

Just some amazing art from Hugh MacLeod at

Systems thinking has taken me down a certain path.  As I venture further and further along this path, I find myself wondering if some of our COs just make a conscious effort not to have their command excel.  I am really beginning to believe that some of them just have no interest in excellence whatsoever.  Good leadership is easy and great leadership sure isn't hard. It's that one "extra" thing that an extraordinary CO does that an ordinary CO doesn't. Looking at a command as a system that is part of a larger system of systems (say at TF as part of a numbered Fleet), it becomes apparent to the most casual observer that a command just can't get to the next level without a great CO. 

Great COs don't miss the opportunity to recognize the excellence that surrounds them. That excellence resides in your Sailors.  It is the CO's responsibility to recognize that excellence and make it known to the rest of the system. Shame on the CO/command that does not believe that one of its 200+ Sailors is not worthy of recognition as being among the best of the Cryptologic community and deserving of the NCVA Award for Cryptologic Support Excellence.

Great leadership is not rocket science...or is it?
Thank you Hugh MacLeod and Laura Viberti for the great artwork from  !!


Anonymous said...

Great leaders don't have time for blogs.

NIOC Hawaii JO said...

Got our new XO on board. I think he will take better care of our Sailors that the previous one.