Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Information Warfare Captain Selections

Congratulations to these new Captains:

Tyrone Ward 0001
Bryan Braswell 0002
Todd Gagnon 0003
Bill Kramer 0004
Vane Rhead 0005
Pete Giangrasso 0006
Boz Offord 0007
Sean Cooney 0008
Julia Slattery 0009
Mike Riggins 0010


Kama'aina Ken said...

Sorry not to see a good friend and Harvard grad - Dave Bandy on this list. Everyone has their "pick" and he was mine. He was a pretty good XO for us.

Anonymous said...

How is it that someone can be releived of XO duty early as an O4, still be selected to O5 CMD and then make O6?! It makes no sense when we send people who did great work and did nothing wrong home each year - really makes me question our promotion system, or perhaps it is the officers doing the selecting that should be called into question.

Mike Lambert said...

Anon @ 6:32 am

Who/what are you talking about? Sounds like an unfounded rumor.

Anonymous said...

Not unfounded and not rumor, but perhaps not documented appropriately.

If it isn't in the FITREP/EVAL, record, etc then it can't be held against the individual in any way. At least that is the only reasonable explanation that makes sense.

Mike Lambert said...

The board can only act upon what is in the record. That's how the process works. Unless someone was on the board who knew what you suggest may have happened and graded the individual accordingly. Only one vote of 0% confidence could ruin a person's chances of promotion.

What you "may" know just doesn't count.