Saturday, April 26, 2014

How did this happen??

You didn't keep your word to your Sailors.  You never backed up the Department Head like you promised her you would.  You didn't turn your Sailors' evals in on time.  The awards you promised to write are still in your INBOX.  You never made it to command PT.  Your Chiefs Mess is out of control.  Sailors' families have NEVER heard from you.  Standards were never met.  Standards were never explained.  Deadlines passed you like Audis on the autobahn.  You wore your uniform like you didn't care that you were serving with some of the best Sailors at the best command in the Navy.

And, you wonder why the Sailors don't come to you for help!  You can't seem to help yourself.  Pull yourself together Shipmate and be the kind of leader you were meant to be.  Be the kind of leader your Sailors deserve.  Get back into the circle of trust.

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Anonymous said...

If you like.

Looked at from here, I'm well within the circle. NSA and you lot? Well outside the circle of trust. You people decided to spy on us.

No surprise. We always knew you did.

We never actually trusted anything you said as a result.

We suspect you practiced against our enemies but we know you refined your collections against us.

Don't actually have any respect for you guys anymore.