Friday, August 9, 2013

Worth a post of its own from LDO 6440

USNI 2013 Leadership Essay Contest Leadership in the Sea Services: The Junior Officers’ Perspective.   

I would encourage every CO/XO/CMC to challenge their command members (not just JO's) to at least think about and/or answer these questions. 

What does leadership look like to the led? What does it look like from below? From beside? 

What qualities and characteristics define leadership for those who are themselves young leaders who aspire to command? 

Can leadership be defined … or only recognized? Can leadership be taught … or only learned? How can leadership be nurtured? 

What does character have to do with leadership? 

What is the role of mentors? 

What were the great naval leaders saying about leaders and leadership when they themselves were junior officers? 

What other lessons can be drawn from naval history? 

Why do so many people believe their experience as a naval officer changed their lives – whether they continued to serve.

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