Thursday, August 15, 2013

CPO 365 hits a snag

From Navy Times...

In the wake of reports of “unprofessional behavior” during CPO 365 Phase II — formerly known as chief induction — Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (AW/NAC) Mike Stevens has ordered a two-day standdown to allow commands to re-evaluate how they’re conducting the training of chief-selects. 

The pause in training started at 7 a.m. Monday and ends at the same time Wednesday. 

“I’ve had two anonymous reports of unprofessional behavior happening during CPO 365 Phase II,” MCPON Stevens said in a statement Tuesday. “It’s important to give every CPO Mess a moment to take time and review the CPO Guidance, ensuring that all are operating within the guidelines that were prescribed.”

Today, Thursday 15 August 2013, the CPO 365 training has recommenced.


Anonymous said...

One command messes up. Everyone has to stop training. Stupid!

Navy Grade 36 Bureaucrat said...

So we set good commands behind in their CPO training due to some idiots?

HMS Defiant said...

Contemptible isn't it?

...and no offense intended NG36B but "good commands"? Would you settle for "compliant commands" since it is less than clear how any good results from any of this.

Anonymous said...

The hits keep coming - how bad can we get, this is just stupid.

Anonymous said...

This might just be the worst MCPON ever.

Anonymous said...

This incident highlights an ongoing lack of leadership fiasco. First, a knee jerk reaction by the MCPON, but to compound it, the MCPON, who has just exactly what statutory authority and responsibility, directs commanding officers to stop an activity at their commands, for which they are statutorily responsible. Thanks for the input MCPON, but I got it. I'm perfectly capable of training my crew.
The whole MCPON concept is off the rails. Those Chief Petty Officers in the various commands have one chain of command and that chain of command goes through their Commanding Officer or Commander.
The MCPON is an advisor to the CNO. He isn't the head of some sub rosa E-7-9 chain of command.
The perniciousness of this concept of conceding authority to the senior enlisted advisor has dribbled down into the individual commands in which the Chief Petty Officers actually think the CMC is their boss. This is an abrogation of authority by the officers in general. To exacerbate this mess (pun intended), many CMCs have no idea what the commands to which they are assigned even do for a mission. Aviation Master Chiefs assigned as CMCs to destroyers and cruisers. The IW community is a comedy. CMCs without TS/SCI clearances. Brilliant. Commanding Officers take back your Chiefs Mess. They are a critical part of your chain of command. They work for you, not your CMC.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 0642, 16 Aug:

I like the way you think.

Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

There was a time in this man’s Navy when having time in rate, passing the rating examination for CPO, having the Commanding Officers recommendation for advancement, having the appropriate evaluation marks and enduring the process that was called initiation were the things that allowed one to be advanced to CPO. That has all changed and now the Navy has to spend 365 days to train Sailors to be CPO’s after they have spent probably 10 years or more preparing themselves to be the Chief. And then to have the MCPON halt this process and have a stand down period for some number of days seems incredulous to me. But, of course, I was one of the initiated and proud of that fact. I have been retired for some years now and it appears to me that the changes in recent years has been due to the wusses in the Navy and the people that administer what the Bluejackets have to tolerate to be part of the Navy these days.

Very Respectfully,

Anonymous said...

This MCPON is nolonger a part of the Chiefs Mess, he has become a willing participant in the murder of Naval Traditions.