Thursday, August 22, 2013

Seven truths about leadership success

1. There aren’t any shortcuts – Do the work.  Read.  Study other leaders.  Find a mentor.
2. Great leaders started by being great followers – Learn to be a good follower and you’ll learn what it takes to be a good leader.  If you never learned to follow, leading may be a challenge for you.
3. There’s no mysterious secret to leadership – An honest effort to help others reach their potential is useful.
4. You already know what it takes to be a good leader – Be nice. Play well with others. Say please and thank you. Do what you can to help others. Of course you have to mature and apply those fundamentals in adult ways like being transparent and authentic with others.
5. The difference between management and leadership is overrated – Leaders have to manage and managers have to lead. Learn to do them both well because they are much more similar than they are different.
6. Leaders aren’t special – If you view leadership as service, which I happen to do, you should consider your team members more important than yourself. Get your ego out of the way and you’ll be on your way to success.
7. Leadership is much more about who you are than what you do – If you want to be a successful leader, your primary focus should be on the inner work that is required, not on behavioral tricks or techniques.
From Randy Conley, Trust Practice Leader for the Ken Blanchard Companies.

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

Numerous good points here, even though there were a couple of points that I read over more than once and still never caught the real meaning of. It could be that I am getting too old to understand some of the things that are relevant in today’s leadership requirements, but there has been a lot of trash injected into the Navy culture in the last few years that I totally disagree with, I will not point these things out but the Bluejacket of years ago would realize what many of these things are.

Very Respectfully,