Friday, August 2, 2013

#1 Priority

"If you make Sailors your number one priority, Sailors will never be your number one problem." 
 From Mark Miller

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Sean Cooney said...

I'll just state my reality here....May God bless our Sailors, but to me "never" is too absolute for the realities of today's Navy and Social choices that Sailors make, despite all of our priorities (100% ++++) we pledge to them.
Typically, we get "that small" percentage (#s vary at each command) that ARE the majority of our problems, but there are problems despite our same 100% pledge to each regardless!
- Sure some Sailors are challenges, challenges that frankly some/most/all of us would rather NOT have. Many are complete superstars, of whom we cannot believe are actually part of our team - "love" those Sailors. The remainder are average Sailors who punch the time clock and are fine Americans and contribute with honor everyday.! I'll continue to pledge my 100%, but that in itself will probably not guarantee what is around the corner, as this changes with each group I serve. Naturally, I'm looking for the Superstars and pleasant surprises that can really make each of our days worthwhile. Go Navy!