Sunday, August 4, 2013

We Can Do Better. We Must Do Better

Recent studies show that only 7 percent of Sailors  have trust and confidence in their senior leaders. How can we ever get our organizations to succeed if so few Sailors believe in their senior leaders? 

Leadership, and specifically leadership culture, is the only real differentiator between the organizations that thrive and those that fall behind.  Charting A New Course to Command Excellence explains it all.  

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HMS Defiant said...

I'm just suggesting this but perhaps we might just consider telling them the truth. They mostly hear nothing but lies from those that lead the navy.

Sean Cooney said...

I'd say that 7 % is likely a really low number, but the survey does NOT surprise me because I believe it in this day and age. I'll tell you that my Sailors will write and tell me via EMI papers that they specifically do NOT trust the Chain of Command. I typically find out that the inaction they "demonstrate" through NOT trusting the Chain of Command is what usually lands them in trouble. Granted CIDUM has CTI A School Sailors who are just learning to trust the Chain of Command, but it is still an alarming number. ...Yes please send me some new age gouge on Command Excellence..... all the help I can get! Really!

Anonymous said...

Here-here Defiant.

When the survey identified "Senior Leader", if it is the same one I took, it means service level leadership, not command level leadership. So, this is talking CNO, VCNO, MCPON, FFC, BUPERS etc.
It is sad, but it is hard to trust them when there is so much one can point at that indicates they are undeserving of our trust. The ongoing, non-stop controversy about the LCS. Where it appears our leaders are disingenious. The willingness of our leaders to sacrifice pay, benefits, advancement, training, education adn security for sailors so they can buy the shiney new airplane/ship/sub that his over budget and under performs. When the recently retired CNO becomes a shill for those same corporations it sends a signal to the force.
When they boot 3000 sailors out of the navy one year and then pay SRBs to the same rates a year later, it tells us they don't know what they are doing. When personnel policies are so lame there is a shortage of senior enlisted in sea duty billets. How can they be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, HMS -As bad as the fiscal situation may seem, (also self induced) - the near complete loss of trust and confidence in the leadership is something that costs no money to fix, yet requires something we appear to hove run out of, courage. Navy has done this to themselves, good luck!

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked accountability was still part of the charge of command. Unfortuanetly most have decided its easier to pass the buck to ensure self preservation. Most are focused on themselvles to inlclude the mess. If you tell someone they are wrong or not very good, you become the outcast. No problem here.