Friday, January 25, 2013

Today matters

Some questions for Today from John Maxwell:
  1. Is your attitude a plus or minus?
  2. Are your priorities keeping you focused?
  3. Is your health enabling you to succeed?
  4. Does your family situation provide support?
  5. Is your thinking more mature and productive?
  6. Have your commitments been kept?
  7. Have your financial decisions been solid?
  8. Has your faith been active?
  9. Are your relationships being strengthened?
  10. Has your generosity added value to others?
  11. Are your values giving you direction?
  12. Is your growth making you better?
How you answer these questions today allows you to plan a more successful tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

This is a great list to peruse often, which will allow one to gauge the qualities of their daily actions and the effect those actions have on ones performance in doing the job in which they were positioned, as well as how those actions affect their superiors, subordinates, peers and family members. The entire spectrum of individuals that one is associated with is important and every branch should have great consideration, if you do not have a positive effect on each of these branches you should consider altering the way you operate. All these folks matter today tomorrow and always.

Very Respectfully,

Justin Rogers ENS, USN (1170) said...

This post inspired me to buy the book!

Mike Lambert said...

@ Justin Rogers

Glad to have you back. And so pleased you were inspired to buy the book. If you don't have it yet, let me send you my copy.