Friday, January 11, 2013

Leadership remains our most important task

Chief of Naval Operations
Washington D.C.
2 January 1959

There is one element in the profession of arms that transcends all other in importance.

This is the human element.

No matter what the weapons of the future may be, no matter how they are to be employed in war or international diplomacy, man will still be the most important factor in naval operations.

The need for good leadership, therefore, is the constant factor, and in this lies the officer's greatest opportunity for service to his country and to the cause of freedom throughout the world.

As leaders, naval officers are the example to whom others look for guidance, for inspiration, and for standards upon which to base their own conduct and beliefs.

In the eyes of the world, wherever the naval officer may go -- indeed in the eyes of his own countrymen as well -- the officer represents the finest in the manhood of our great nation.

Arleigh A. Burke
Admiral, U.S. Navy

Our Sailors are counting on you for leadership.  Public criticism of your Sailors is leadership dynamite.  Handle it with great care.  If you are not up to the leadership task, stand aside. 

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

I have to assume that the last lines of this post are yours, and these are words that uphold and supplement Adm. Burke’s words and are one of the keys to following the leadership principles that were laid down for the United States Navy over 200 years ago, and should be followed forever in this Navy.

Very Respectfully,