Wednesday, January 9, 2013

iSAILOR - the killer app

One of the Navy's 'disruptive thinkers', LT Ben Kohlmann has a nice article HERE titled "Technology Is Good but People Are Better".  

Back in 2000, one of my former bosses at the Naval Technical Training Center Corry Station, Captain Ron Wojdyla coined the phrase "Sailors are the Navy's killer app."  He always said that the Navy could introduce any new concept, program, idea, suggestion, challenge or opportunity and our venerable Blue Jackets would find a way to make it work.

So, Navy, introduce all the new weapons systems, information systems, networks, and programs you want to.  But remember, our Sailors are the ones who make them work.  Technology is good but our Sailors are the best!

I see today that some enterprising company has adapted "iSailor" as their navigation program.  So "iSailor" is a real application for your mobile device and is available on iTunes.  Ron should have copyrighted the term when he had the chance.

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