Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some good advice for Commanding Officers counseling their Junior Officers

"I continue to be amazed by the number of junior officers who do not receive counseling on their career and performance. That is one of your most important responsibilities. Explain the fitness report and its im­portance in an officer's assignment and promotion. Give them some insight into various assignments, the importance of a "service reputation" and taking advantage of opportunities. Make sure no officer is surprised by their fitness report. They should know where they stand, all the time. And, I expect total honesty in how we evaluate our people - we simply must be more effective in this area."

Jim McFarland
Rear Admiral 
Commander, Naval Security Group Command


The  nice thing about this is that the problem was solved in 1987 and we no longer have to worry about these issues.  I have been told that all officer counseling: (1) is done on time, (2) provides insight into various assignments, (3) explains "service reputation, (4) is totally honest and (5) includes no surprises.


CWO4 Brian L. Ashpole, USN-Retired said...

I've never know you to have a sarcastic side. Then again, I've always been the junior so it's not something that I would normally see.

On a serious note, the best FITREP debrief I ever received was from Captain Ed Williamson. He told me that I was not a long ball hitter.

It was something that I already knew and still know today. I'm more of a base hitter, Charlie Hustle type.

I get the job done - it may not be pretty and there may be a few dead bodies laying in the P-way, but the result was correct.

My response to the remark was that long ball hitters barely hit it out of the park half the time.

Anonymous said...

This would have been a great post for the first of April.

Mike Lambert said...

I hear you. This reminds me of my complaint to CAPT Brooks. I felt I was being sent to the B team at Corry Station. CAPT Brooks told me I was lucky to be playing at all.

HMS Defiant said...

I don't believe I'd care to have any officer working for me who did not know how important his FITREP was to his continuation and retention. If they didn't know it their use to me is about nil since it proves they're too clueless for anything except intelligence work or maybe the weather office needs them.

Anonymous said...

Best debrief I got was from my department head when I was a LTJG. He informed me that, "you haven't screwed anything up yet so keep moving in the right direction" and when I asked what I could do better he simply said, "make sure you don't get into trouble or screw something up". I had better debriefs when I was enlisted, needless to say it left a lasting impression on how NOT to do a debrief.