Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ages old problem

Remember that officers are people, just as the men and civilians are people.  Among their numbers will be reflected to some degree, the weaknesses, as well as strengths, of the general public.  But officers are most carefully selected before they are appointed.  As a group, they should be FAR better than a cross-section of American citizens.  We are well advised to remember that fact.

Some of the faults of these officers received prominence.  We should candidly admit these faults.  Unfortunately a few officers abused their positions, regarding their commissions as a means to personal gain and not as a means of greater service.  Some were greatly inefficient.  During the Navy's expansion, the selection process could not be airtight.  Unduly rapid promotions placed some officers in positions of responsibility beyond their capabilities.  Some were lazy and indifferent.  The sum of such individuals would be a very small percentage of the many thousands of officers in the Navy.  But the effects are serious and fine officers have suffered in the eyes of the general public.



Anonymous said...

It's that time of year. So I'm looking at the list of LTs that the Admin Officer has preped for the ongoing FITREP cycle.

I notice the order of the names. I ponder the arrangement.

It sure would be nice if we somehow had an evaluation system where seniority and zones were not factors considered in the process.

Anonymous said...

It is simply an optimization problem!