Monday, January 7, 2013

A few ideas for your consideration

1.   Things are never as bad as they appear, and will always look better in the morning.
2.   Get angry at the right person at the right time and then get over it.
3.   Do not link your ego to your position; remain open-minded
4.   Never say never.  The glass is half full.  The job can be done.
5.   Be careful what you wish for as it will likely happen.
6.   Do not let negative facts drive good decisions.
7.   You can not make someone else’s choices; don’t let them make yours.
8.   The devil is in the details so check them—you get what you inspect; not what you expect.
9.   Share credit when you get a BZ, and take the heat when your division, dept, ship, or organization goons it.
10. Always remain calm and be kind; its nice to be nice.
11. Have a vision and be demanding but not condescending.
12. Lead by example and try and establish good, self-sustaining habits from the get go.
13. Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.
14. When in doubt step back, take a deep breath, ask for help and get the big picture.
15. Make all tasks and tasking fun and maintain your sense of humor even in when times are tough.

Courtesy of Commander Tony Parisi
Adapted from Colin Powell's list

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Anonymous said...

Captain Lambert,

A very precise list, and one that that I would prescribe to, unfortunately the person, Colin Powell, that evidently generated this list of some very good things has evidently reverted from the towering person he was as CJCS and Secretary of State for this United States to be a follower of the Socialist agenda, I can only assume that since he has in the last few years, supported the philosophy of those who have a socialist agenda,that he prescribes to that philosophy. I am disappointed that Colin Powell a dedicated military individual and a staunch supporter of the Constitution at one time, and that was for an entire Army career, would suddenly change to be a Socialist supporter.

Very Respectfully,