Monday, September 17, 2012


Captain George Whitbred, Commander, Navy Region Midwest Reserve Component Command fired Commander Sheryl Tannahill (USNA '90) due to a loss of confidence in her ability to command.  Commander Tannahill was CO of Navy Operational Support Center Nashville, Tennessee.  She was fired on 14 September.  She was selected for Captain and had orders to the Navy Inspector General's office in Washington D.C.  The promotion and assignment are on hold.

A Navy press release said: 

"The responsibility of officers in command, for their units, sailors and mission, is absolute; we take their performance very seriously. Standards of conduct and performance for commanding officers are extremely high."


Anonymous said...

And we have # 17 waiting in the wings down in Oceana who was reassigned during the investigation of his failings.

The Navy report says - CAPT James CoBell III, CO of FLTREADCENMIDATL, at NAS Oceana was reassigned while authorities investigate “leadership” issues.

Anonymous said...

Funny how testifying at a former subordinate's Court Martial can cause so much trouble. Truth out. CO out!

Anonymous said...

Too many COs, too many units... cut and trim and get rid of the riff raff. Our nation can´t afford to pay these huge defense bills, salaries, and entitlements for life.

Anonymous said...

"Our nation can´t afford to pay these huge defense bills, salaries, and entitlements for life."

sure it can, no doubt you voted for a politician who gives himself an even sweeter deal than what retired military gets. (excluding officers, retired enlisted hardly get any COLA pension increases)

consider this....what if you worked for a company for 20 years, earning below the poverty line for much of that, you were on-call for 24/365, and your job said we can put you in prison if you leave without permission? sounds like something from Charles Dickens "Oliver Twist", doesn't it ("Please sir, more gruel")?

Anonymous said...

So a few years ago, the Reserves out in the Pacific Northwest took down a FTS Navy Captain for "hitting on" enlisted sailors and reduced him to O-5 before retiring him. I doubt the Reserves have the stones to bust this female FTS O-5 down to O-4 and retiring her for actually sleeping with an enlisted sailor.

Anonymous said...

It's an honor and privelidge to attend USNA...lots of us enlisted have made you look like you did not pay attention in class...especially the one where they spelled out HONOR and COMMITTMENT...duh